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The application allows you to create profiles of a dance studio, an instructor and each student of the studio
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Have you ever thought about organizing dance classes remotely?
Nowadays online dance classes are gaining momentum. The whole world is now scared by the rapid spread of the COVID-19, many dance studios stop their work indefinitely. Imagine that your studio has its own personalized mobile application to teach dancing. Sounds interesting, right?
If you want to move to a new level, the mobile app developed by the Everdance team deserves your attention.
Everdance has developed a mobile application where students can take dance classes remotely. The application allows you to create profiles of a dance studio, an instructor and each student of the studio. A dance instructor leads his groups, uploading classes for students. Students take dance classes and record videos of their performance, which are shared in the same group. What is more, instructors can react to their students' performance, giving comments, likes and simply they can chat, thus, there is always an interaction between students and dance coach.
When use the Everdance app, you will have such advantages as:
  • your studio will have its own mobile application with the functionality of a social network;
  • your video lessons are stored in a structured catalogue in your application;
  • new students are easily entered into existing groups, by learning the lessons they have learned at home;
  • you can recruit groups for distance learning and work with them in your application;
  • your students will be able to hone their dancing skills by repeating the instructor's lessons and recording their video result, comparing themselves with their instructor and other students;
  • your students will be more willing to share their dance videos with friends by advertising your studio.
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Even today, you can submit an application for the connection of your dance studio to Everdance app (here). We will be glad to see your studio in Everdance app!
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