How to become an instructor in app
1) In your profile tap "settings" → switch account type → instructor
2) Find and choose Freelance and send request
3) Wait for confirmation
To make a good program you need to answer the following questions:
What style do you want to teach?
The ideal variant when your program includes one dance style. However, to mix up several dance styles in one program is okay too.
What dance level do you focus on?
Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced
Will it be a choreography or basic step tutorial?
Your program can consist of:
- basic steps only
- combo only
- choreo only
- the mixture of basic steps and combo
- the mixture of basic steps and choreo and etc
Instruction for recording basic lesson:
Your program should be clear and easy to learn. It should consist of min 5 lessons. Each lesson contain perform (promo)/slow/tempo/dance with music/rec stages. When your finish the first lesson consisted of these stages, you start making another one which also should contain the same stages.
1. To get started you need:
Phone and tripod/any furniture
2. Set the phone with the camera at waist height so that you are fully visible
Remember that we only have a vertical shooting
3. Each lesson consists of 5 stages
Further we will tell more about each of them
Perform your class (promo)
Perform your lesson to the music, demonstrate how to do it
It can consist of 1-5 training videos, each of them needs to be no more than 60 seconds:
Basic class can contain a basic step and its variations.
Each step needs to be shot separately
Combo and choreo can contain 1 or 2 eights in each video (max 8 eights)
Counting, you need to work through the "Slow" material in a fast pace without music.
There is one eight for each stage. Between the stages we take a break of one eight, here you can cheer up the user and move on to the next stage.
Shoot everything in one shot
Dance with music
Work through the "Tempo" material simultaneously with both counting out loud and music.
For each stage we dance each eight without breaks. For a convenient working out the material, count the introduction
Shoot everything in one shot
Perform your lesson to music, to start you need to count out with a hand gesture 5-6-7-8
Instructions on uploading a program to the app
1) To add a new program go to your profile on the Programs tab or Directory and tap on the circle with a "+" sign
2) Fill in the information about your program "Name of program", "Style", "Language", "Price" and tap SAVE
3) Now you can add your dance classes. To add classes tap on the empty field with a "+" sign
4) After uploading all the lessons to the program, go to Edit Program and tap Publish
Instructions on uploading video lesson to the app
1) Go to your profile on the Classes tab and tap on the empty window with "+"
2) Fill in the information about your lesson
3) Start uploading video lesson by tapping on the active window with "+"
4) Upload the stages in order and tap on "Next"
And now your lesson is uploaded!
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