First mobile app for dance inctructors and their students
Dance Training in a
Start your online dance trainings
A Dance Studio or A Dance Instructor can organize online dance training and attract new students to online teaching programs. You can work online with your offline groups as well. Dance studios have been thinking about it, but the COVID-19 situation has increased the demand on the online dance training.
Lessons Creation by instructors
Record steps with your smartphone and upload videos to Everdance app
(learn more about how to do this, here)
Students take your dance classes online
Learning a lesson by steps from slow to fast motion. Number of steps depends on instructors methodology.

Recording your result in a short video (about 30 sec.).
(learn more about how to do this, here)
Create a Profile
Find a dance program of any instructor, you will be able to buy it or learn for free.
Dance Directory
Perform a lesson
Show your progress. Instructor and other users will be able to see your post on the feed and could give you the feedback!
Post the result
The application allows you to create profiles of a dance studio, an instructor and each student of the studio
Students can record their video results repeating after the instructor
Everdance is the mobile app
of your dance studio
Your art + our technologies make training in your studio in demand!
Creation of dance video lessons and online groups
Native promotion of your studio
Selling your online dance training programs
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