Mobile app for the dance lovers
Healthy Lifestyle
with Dance
Dance is easy and funny way to be
active and fit, lose extra weight
and be in a good shape
Improve your
Mental Health
Favorite music, energetic instructors and cool dance classes boost your endorphines, reduce stress and make you happy
Perfect for
Brain Training
Learn and repeat new moves every day, create new neural connections and improve your memory
It doesn't matter who you are, and where you come from.
Everdance is an easy way for every woman to get in touch with her body and mind.
Join our dance community, and enjoy yourself everyday.
Perfect Dance Class Recommendation
Record your dance
Share your result & get feedback
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  • I started my workout plan with this app and I'm already making healthier choices. This app allows you to choose your level, and your preferred dance style. I chose hiphop and Dance Fitness, my first dance class left me a sweating excessively. This app really made dancing fun at home by incorporating fitness and body movements. Download now!!!!!!! It's really a social media for dancers.
    Dancing mommy
    1 June 2022
  • Vos entraînements de danse m'ont donné tellement de moments merveilleux et d'énergie. Merci beaucoup! Je trouve le fitness trop ennuyeux, la natation aide, mais je voulais encore mieux prendre soin de mon corps. Et grâce à la danse, je peux maintenant me remonter le moral après le travail et améliorer la souplesse de mon corps. Ma marche est devenue plus facile.
    Keith Reyesi
    27 April 2022
  • Perfect app for the whole family. I received a subscription as a gift from my granddaughter. I didn't expect it would be so amazing and great! I think it's a wonderful opportunity to keep my body in shape after 60s. I've been practicing this for a month and feel that I have more energy, I get up more cheerfully in the morning, lethargy has gone.
    Atkins Cate
    18 March 2022
  • Dear everyone who is reading this, I am 17 years old and an experienced dancer. During COVID I had to cut my dance classes but I do these instead!! They are so fun, you should really try choreography lol it's so fun. Thank you so much for making this app developers!! thank you so much
    6 March 2022
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