We offer you an interesting way to teach dancing and earn money
If you are an instructor then there is an opportunity for you to sell your dancing programs
Are you interested?
We want to offer you an interesting way to teach dancing.
We have developed a dancing mobile app, Everdance, where you can place your programs for people who want to learn dancing remotely.

What we do to sell your online dance trainings
- creation an individual web page, it will include:

a) information about you
b) the title and a detailed description of the program itself

- uploading dance videos in our app

- organizing teaching process remotely
All you need to do is
To shoot dance video lessons
Learn more about how to do this, here
To send us information about you
To make an individual web page we need some information from you. To do this you need to fill out a form below.
To create a profile in our app
Download our app on Google Play or App Store, create a profile and send a request to get an instructor status.
To set a price
You set your own price for the program.
To place the web page link in your social networks
It will help you to promote your program.
To get profit from online students
Earn money!
From start to the profit within a few days!
Your Profit
You will earn 65% of the sales of the program
If you already want to work with us, then fill out the form below:
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