Sign up with Everdance
To get started with Everdance, download the Everdance — Workout & Dance apps from your app store and register your account for free. You can sign up directly on your iOS or Android device.

After you register, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your Everdance account. If you don't receive this confirmation email, contact Everdance support. Once you confirm your account, you will have access to the free versions of the Everdance apps.

You can explore the free content or purchase a subscription to unlock all workouts and gain access to a personalized training plan.
Delete your Everdance account
Deleting your account will affect Everdance product and all your results and progress for this product will be deleted permanently. It is not possible to delete your account partially.

Via the app
Go to your Settings under the profile tab.
Go to "Manage my account".
Click on "Delete my profile".

Subscribers should note that deleting your account doesn't automatically cancel the next renewal of your subscription. For this reason, it is very important to remember to cancel your subscription additionally to deleting your account. To cancel your next renewal please visit this article for more information on how to do this.
What to do if changing mobile devices with an active subscription
You are able to access your Everdance subscription on any iOS or Android device, by logging in to the correct Everdance account. This applies to subscriptions purchased from Apple App Store, Google Play. It is also possible to access your subscription on multiple devices and also cross platform.

As such, if you change your mobile device, you simply need to install the Everdance app and log in to your account to continue training where you left off.

Although you can access your subscription on any mobile device, your subscription still needs to be managed in the store you originally purchased it.
Encountering technical issues with your app
If you are encountering a technical issue or an error message in the app, please try the following steps:

Delete your Everdance app.
Download and reinstall the app from your app store.
Login to the app, making sure to use the correct Everdance account login method.
Please ensure your Smartphone is operating on the latest supported version of your respective OS.
Restart your Smartphone.

Note: this will not affect your training progress

If the problem still occurs, please report your issue using the technical problems contact form and our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.
How does it work?
We have 2 types of content:
- educational (training programs and live groups)
- inspirational (dance videos and podcasts (theory))

You earn money on the views of your content by paid subscribers of the Everdance app.
What is more, we have a partnership program for attracting users to our platform.
How much money will I earn?
The platform pays $0.015 for each viewing of inspirational videos by a paid user. For example, dance videos that you upload on YouTube, you will be able to upload them to our app and earn on the views.

For each program added by the user to his profile - $0.1

For each participant in the live group - $0.5

+ There is a partnership program. The dancer will receive 50% for attracting users who subscribe to the application (excluding the AppStore and PlayMarket commission) from the subscription in the first month and 30% in the following months, if the user renews the subscription.
How many videos do I need to upload to start earning?
The table shows the statistics of the activity of instructors and their earnings per month.
How will I receive money?
There are 2 options:
1) to your bank account in dollars - to do this, you will need to provide us with your IBAN of the Bank account in dollars (in addition, a US resident will need to fill out form w9)
2) through the Payoneer payment system - to do this, you will need to provide us with your email address, to which we will send an invitation to register in the system.
How to become an instructor in app
1) In your profile tap "settings" → switch account type → instructor
2) Find and choose Freelance and send request
3) Wait for confirmation
What level can I teach?
You can make a program for beginners/intermediate/advanced. It's up to you.
How long should a video lesson last?
Each lesson contain perform (promo)/slow/tempo/dance with music/rec stages.
It can consist of 1-10 training videos, each of them needs to be no more than 10 minutes.
Can I upload my existing dance video tutorials to the app?
The feature of our application is that it is designed for training classes in a few short steps in a vertical orientation.
Each class consists of such parts as perform(promo)/slow/tempo/dance with music/rec.
It can consist of 1-10 training videos, each of them needs to be no more than 10 minutes.
If your video is ready and meets our requirements, then you can upload it yourself. If you can't do this, you can email us. We will upload them for you.

However, if you have a video class shot in horizontal orientation in one long video, you can send it to us and our video editor will adapt it to our format. After that you will be able to upload your class to the application yourself or ask us to do it.
How to upload a video lesson to the app?
1) Go to your profile on the Classes tab and tap on the empty window with "+"
2) Fill in the information about your lesson
3) Start uploading video lesson by tapping on the active window with "+"
4) Upload the stages in order and tap on "Next"
And now your lesson is uploaded!
What should my dance program consist of?
Your program should consist of min 4 lessons of 1 dance style.
How to upload a program to the app?
1) To add a new program go to your profile on the Programs tab or Directory and tap on the circle with a "+" sign
2) Fill in the information about your program "Name of program", "Style", "Language", "Price" and tap SAVE
3) Now you can add your dance classes. To add classes tap on the empty field with a "+" sign
4) After uploading all the lessons to the program, go to Edit Program and tap Publish
Is there any agreement of collaboration?
There is an agreement when you register in the app (Terms of Use Agreement). However, we don't have any agreements about collaboration.
Is there a legally binding agreement between subscriber/user and Everdance preventing any stealing or unlawful use of choreography?