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EVERDANCE is a dance community for those who learn to dance or want to start dancing.
The application will allow you to learn dancing by watching short video lessons.
Easy to learn
You will manage to easily choose desired lesson and coach with the help of a convenient catalogue. Each lesson consists of three stages, which makes it as accessible as possible for dancers of any level. Information is given in such a way that you do not just copy the coach, but learn how to use a specific
movement - learn to dance.
At a certain stage of training, you can record a video of your dance in synchronization with the video of the coach. You have the opportunity to assess your skills by comparing your performance and the coach's one.
The application has the function of creating a personal profile where you can upload the results of your workouts and share success with other participants through the feed and collect likes under your videos. This is the first version of the app in which hip-hop dance lessons are available.
Currently, work is underway to expand the catalogue of dance lessons by styles: Hip-Hop, Dance Hall, House, Jazz-Funk, Popping.
Our goal
The main objective of the Everdance mobile app is dance training. We offer a catalog of dance movements and combos for individual practice and practice with a coach in the studio.
We will be glad to see you among users of the Everdance application, which is available on the Google Play.
Everdance believes that you can truly learn how to dance only in a dance studio. Therefore, we want not to replace, but to improve training in a dance studios.
Classes at Everdance are recorded by dance coaches from different countries. This gives you the opportunity to compare methods of performing movements and combos in Los Angeles and Minsk.