Keep the origins
Online course
by Raman Padhurski
The program will consist of Urban Choreography or Hip Hop pieces that to be taught in eight count segments. It will focus on sharp/ quick movements learning how to hit and fast footwork. It will also teach a focus on fast musicality.
What you'll learn
My name is Raman Padhurski and I am from Riverside, California. I am a Professional Dancer and Choreographer specializing in the styles of Urban Choreography and Hip Hop. I have work experience as a Dancer/ Performer at theme parks in Southern California including Disneyland, LegoLand, and SeaWorld as well as being signed with The Bluprint Agency. I am also a Choreographer/ Instructor at multiple dance studios in SoCal. I have experience in choreographing for music videos and short films and much of my performance experience comes from dancing in numerous teams/ crews in the urban dance community.
About Raman Padhurski
4 Parts | Intermediate level
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Class 4
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Easy to learn
The application will allow you to learn dancing by watching short video lessons. Each lesson consists of three stages, which makes it as accessible as possible for dancers of any level. Information is given in such a way that you do not just copy the coach, but learn how to use a specific dance move - you learn to dance.
What is more, you can record your performance of a dance move that you've just studied. You have the opportunity to assess your skills by comparing your performance and the coach's one.
You can create your own profile in the Everdance application where you can upload the results of your workouts and share them with your instructor and other users through the feed and get likes and comments.